Certified Trainer

Health and fitness professionals who, with an individualized approach, assess, motivate, teach and train their clients according to their health and fitness needs.

Sport & Nutrition

Through proper nutrition will significantly improve performance and recovery. A training accompanied by balanced nutrition will be able to achieve higher work intensities and duration of the same.

Physical Therapy

Medical specialty / health science discipline offering non-pharmacological therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment for injuries.


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We are a fitness company, created in 2016, with more than 7 years of experience, dedicated to helping, teaching and motivating you to start a journey in sports, through personal or virtual support. Our mission is to help people, through his knowledge and see their physical and psychological progress. The passion for sports and her dedication leads her to give the best of herself, so that people who want to be part of it can achieve the proposed objectives and change their lifestyle, in order to find the best version of themselves. Powermax accompanies you on a healthy journey, with all its love and passion.

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Client Testimonials

" Astrid is a great trainer! Otherwise I wouldn't keep training with her for 6/5 years. She has become not only my trainer but also a good friend over the years. I stay with her because, She knows how to train and motivate me to achieve my goals. Because of her I continue to work on my body and stay healthy she always continues to inspire me."


" Dear Astrid, Thank you for the training today. You are my nr 1 personal trainer. You always believe in me and motivating me to go on en think good about my self . Thank you so much. "


Astrid, is voor mij de enige personal trainer die ik volledig vertrouw. Zij pusht mij tot het uiterste, en dat is echt iets wat ik nodig heb. Zeer proffesionele ervaren vakvrouw


Pricing Plans

Monday to Friday: from 7 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm.

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Powermax gets you on a healthy journey, with all its love and passion.


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Powermax gets you on a healthy journey, with all its love and passion